Yes! don’t we all love it when the old Internet doesn’t seem to work anymore, giving you the feeling that you’ve been cut off from the civilised world, and trying to convey your concerns to some person in a faraway land with no idea what they are saying.

We’ve dealt with these Internet Service Providers many times over the years, so if you want someone on your side give us a call.

Most of the time a simple powering off and powering back on of your router (that black thing with flashing lights) will get your internet back. Possibly if you live in a house that is old with thick walls, it could be that the wireless is too weak, but it is possible to boost the signal quite easily these days.

Email can be one of the most frustrating problems for many people. Often it will occur at the most inconvenient time following the convention of Sod’s law. All you want to do is get your airline tickets to escape Brexit and travel to Tristan de Cunha.

We are very experienced at getting your email working again.